Yeah, that's pretty weird.

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Anonymous asked: hi I really want to experience lsd but I'm so scared of having a bad trip. do you have any advice?

I get that a lot and I was the same way at first so: If you have the right mindset before going into the trip, you can never have a bad trip. I mean, I’ve had some weird experiences while tripping like coming down from acid I literally thought my legs were gone/bleeding because I had fallen asleep. But I was like wait a second I’m with a bunch of people just like me, why would someone or myself chop off my legs. Turned out they were just burnt from sitting too close to a campfire all night.
If you feel you’re ever uncomfortable in a situation while you’re tripping just get out of that area, meditate, watch the stars, think of something positive or tell yourself “oh yeah I just took acid I’m gonna be just fine” if you really have to. Once you’re under the influence it’s very important to keep a positive mindset. Or if you don’t feel good about doing it, then maybe try something like shrooms first since you can just eat and come down. I hope you enjoy your first lsd experience. It’s such a powerful substance worth trying:)